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                                      Photo by: eyup zengin

                                      eyup zengin

                                      An Underwater Adventure From the Comfort of Your Couch

                                      By: Leah Weber

                                      The Georgia Aquarium is live streaming from some of their epic habitats!

                                      March 19, 2020

                                      Stuck inside? You can still go on a watery adventure. As seen on Animal Planet's THE AQUARIUM, the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the US, is streaming LIVE from Atlanta, Georgia.

                                      Like many other attractions, the Georgia Aquarium has made the decision to close temporarily to protect the public, but the thriving ecosystem that call their space home is doing just that—THRIVING!



                                      Photo by: Rajat Khanna / 500px

                                      Rajat Khanna / 500px

                                      You can virtually travel to the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef, or “California” to see the Sea Lions or even “Africa” to hang out with some very cool penguins. You can also make friends with some piranha and jelly fish, and beluga whales or otters from the friendlier set. These are just a few of their incredible exhibits you can explore.



                                      Red Bellied Piranha in an aquarium

                                      Photo by: Sean Davis

                                      Sean Davis

                                      Red Bellied Piranha in an aquarium

                                      Last but certainly not least is the Ocean Voyager Gallery. It was built to house over 50 species in more than 6.3 MILLION gallons of water. You can catch a glimpse of four whale sharks, four manta rays, and thousands of other fish swimming about in this truly massive habitat.



                                      Whale sharks in a giant tank in Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta. Silhouette shows a visitor.

                                      Photo by: weesen photos

                                      weesen photos

                                      So go ahead and take a splash into these amazing experiences.

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